Northeast America’s First LEGO® Discovery Center Celebrates Grand Opening In Boston

Governor Healey Welcomes Next-Gen Boston Attraction At Bricktastic Opening Ceremony

LEGO® Discovery Center Boston had its grand opening ribbon cutting today with an imagination and colorfulness matching the new next-gen attraction. Governor Healey, along with other local business and government leaders, were present to open and experience Northeast’s first LEGO Discovery Center and participated in a kid-led ceremonial ribbon cutting. With a giant LEGO® key, the doors were opened as guests blasted off into adventure with the new experiences Spaceship Build & Scan, DUPLO® Park, and more! LEGO Discovery Center Boston will be open to the public starting May 25th.

“It’s an honor to attend the opening of the newly renovated LEGO Discovery Center, which will offer exciting opportunities for creative learning, help future leaders develop their creativity and design skills, and bring new jobs and economic growth to Massachusetts. We are also thrilled to soon welcome LEGO’s new North American Headquarters to Massachusetts to drive our economic competitiveness and strengthen our standing as the innovation capital of the world.”

Maura Healey, Massachusetts Governor

The bricktastic $12 million dollar renovation and reimagining was announced nine months ago by Merlin Entertainments, a global leader in location-based entertainment with brands such as LEGOLAND® Resorts, Madame Tussauds and SEA LIFE Aquariums. Visitors to Boston and locals alike can now experience this first of its kind attraction in the Northeast.

"Over the past few months, we've built LEGO Discovery Center Boston into the ultimate adventure for families to play, explore, create and have fun together. We are thrilled to see excited families as they enjoy all the new experiences!"

Rachel Meissner, General Manager, LEGO Discovery Centre Boston

LEGO Discovery Center brings fantasy and creativity together in its 43,000+ square feet of indoor adventure. Families can go on the ultimate LEGO adventure by creating and playing together as they make their way through 12 unique zones; from building adventures to an interactive ride. 

New Featured Zones at LEGO Discovery Center Boston:

Spaceship Build & Scan

Reach for the stars in an extraordinary building experience and build a LEGO spaceship, take charge, and launch it into the digital universe. 5-4-3-2-1...lift off! Zoom through the galaxies on your own space adventure, and to make it even more fun, friends and family can follow along watching the launch take place on a big screen.

Build Adventures

Jump over a crocodile in the jungle, loop over lava and drive through the desert! Everything is possible with LEGO bricks. An entire area dedicated to playing and creating with LEGO bricks, this is where imaginations run wild and creative skills are put to the test!


Have fun in the DUPLO® Park! Meet a roaring dinosaur, spin the wheel in the big construction challenge and have fun in the brick pits. Here, the littlest builders and their families can learn and play together, solve puzzles, build with LEGO DUPLO building bricks and catch the ducks in the DUPLO duck pond!

Minifigure Creator

Here, guests can design and build their own LEGO Minifigure. Choose from a billion LEGO heads, bodies, legs, and more to build your own Minifigure. Make the craziest, the coolest or the hairiest of them all. Imaginations will run wild in this experience!

Hero Adventures

LEGO® CITY meets LEGO® NINJAGO® in the fast-paced hero adventures. Become the star in your own story. Run through the LEGO laser maze, conquer a climbing wall and see how fast you go in a crazy action game. There are also building activities to get involved in and a soft play area for kids to let off steam.

Creative Club

Create with LEGO bricks in the Creative Club. Our amazing Master Model Builders lend a hand to guests, sparking their imaginations to create custom creations. Daily building activities from mosaic making to portrait painting with LEGO bricks will inspire you on your creative journey.

LEGO Tree of Togetherness 

If you can dream it, you can build it at the LEGO Tree of Togetherness. Plant your own LEGO ideas on the trunk or in the branches and get inspired by the Master Model Builder and his team. They challenge you every hour with fun building activities. Our Playmakers will help you work your creative muscles in this awesome build zone before you take a picture and head off to your next adventure.


Explore and play in an updated fantastical world of awesome LEGO builds! Made with over 1.5 million LEGO bricks, planes fly over the tallest towers, day turns to night and some local landmarks creep into the skyline too. Can you recognize them?

More To Come

LEGO Discovery Center Boston still has a lot of plans for the future. In addition to children and their families visiting the attraction; schools & group programs, birthday parties and adult nights will be offered later this year ensuring all LEGO fans can experience the next-gen Center.