Nemesis Sub-Terra is back at Alton Towers Resort

Alton Towers Resort has announced its hugely popular drop tower dark ride, Nemesis Sub-Terra, is reopening on May 27, just in time for May half term.

The underground attraction, which is a firm favourite amongst theme park fans, invites guests to embark on an intense journey and witness the research of The Phalanx, before freefalling into the pit. Nemesis Sub-Terra, also known as the Phalanx Research Facility, is being reopened by The Phalanx, the secret organisation tasked with keeping the Nemesis beast under control. Civilians are invited to take a thrilling ride deep into the Earth’s core to discover the secretive research of The Phalanx.

Look, stay alert, but don’t touch, as you’re shown exciting glimpses of a Nemesis egg. We’re told it’s controlled and contained, but very little is known about the origins of the egg that sits beneath the Nemesis site, but this much is clear, it’s showing life signs, and a team of Phalanx operatives are investigating. But can they keep control?

Alongside the announcement, the Resort has revealed the attraction’s brand-new logo echoing the look and feel of the new Nemesis track, which was unveiled last week. The slick black track with red veins snaking along its length can now be seen on park ahead of its return in 2024. Located next to Nemesis Sub-Terra, fans of Nemesis can also watch the transformation take place on a specially constructed viewing platform, overlooking the site. Nemesis Sub-Terra will reopen on 27 th May. For more information and to book, visit: