LEGOLAND – the new global campaign that builds and builds

To build on the ongoing growth of LEGOLAND globally, the iconic brand has launched a whole new phase for communications, with mega ambitions to take their park experiences to more and more families, and impact on more children’s lives than ever. LEGOLAND is going to the next level.

Putting the land in LEGOLAND

The mission of this new campaign is to truly put the LAND in LEGOLAND, to create a new long-term global platform with kid’s imaginations and creativity at its heart, and thereby inspire even more creativity in millions of kids across the world.

The first phase of the campaign launches in March 2023. It shines a light on what makes LEGOLAND distinctive in the LEGO Universe and how it is unique in the world. Kids get to play with LEGO bricks and watch LEGO on screen, but, only at LEGOLAND, can they step into an EPIC world of LEGO experiences for real.

“We inspire a lifetime of creativity. Not just in the park, but beyond. And that passion you will see morning noon and night, through our guest experience team throughout the park”

Ash Tailor, Global Senior Marketing Director - LEGOLAND

Role of global comms

Core to the vision, is the provision of a flexible toolkit of assets for all LEGOLAND Parks to use, adapt, build and rebuild in order to create campaigns that really tune into their objectives. And of course, use to inspire more and more families to make memories of their own. The campaign aims to reflect the passion that LEGOLAND employees have across every aspect of the parks to play such a fundamental role in inspiring our future generations in such a unique, interactive and creative way.

“LEGOLAND is a place where LEGO comes to life on an epic scale. It makes children the hero of their very own stories by inspiring imaginations with endless possibilities. A day out at LEGOLAND builds family memories and sparks creativity that lasts a lifetime.”

Emily Stadelman, Global Head of Brand Integration - LEGOLAND

Building the platform idea

The campaign idea “In my LEGO LAND…” is a big idea that celebrates the role of iconic LEGOLAND experiences in sparking a child’s imagination to grow and grow. Whilst LEGO has always been about hands on creativity, this campaign uses it to show the imagination behind the creativity. LEGOLAND is where the world’s coolest, most ingenious, creation, LEGO, comes to life.
After months of immersion in the excitable minds of fantastic kids and the way they think, the commercial shows the transformational journey of a child and his sister who are led via a magical LEGO brick road to the gates of an awe-inspiring LEGO World. This is a real place where the playful fun and wonder of epic LEGO inspired, immersive rides, shows and experiences, spark a stream of imaginative possibilities that build and build as he watches his family and others enjoy the park.

The future / build and build

Going forward, this campaign is something the individual park teams will own. Each park will have the ability to build on the footage to create ad after ad for anything, from new attractions, short breaks, and to showcase the breadth of offer in every park. A core LEGOLAND brand insight inspired this campaign - that kids are incredible and believe anything is possible – which means that from now, and into the future, this attitude, this spirit will drive and live through all comms going forward.

This will be a global campaign across the growing number of LEGOLAND parks, in a way that can be used for years to come – it will BUILD AND BUILD!