LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne Announces Not One, Not Two, But Three New Master Model Builders

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Melbourne is thrilled to announce not one, not two, but three new Master Model Builders. Among the new recruits is Charlie Dinneen, the first-ever female Master Model Builder in the Southern Hemisphere, marking a significant milestone for LEGOLAND® and budding young builders around the world.

The Master Model Builder trio (Charlie Dinneen, Anthony Verbni and Jon Quinnell) have been busy making themselves at home in the workshop, inspiring visitors, big and small, with their mind-blowing LEGO® building skills and creations.

“We’re thrilled to welcome three incredibly talented Master Model Builders to the Merlin family. The decision to expand our Master Model Builder team means we now have live LEGO building in the attraction daily, which means more creations, workshops and more inspiration for all our guests. Their artistic abilities and unique perspectives will undoubtedly enhance the LEGO experience for all guests. We are especially proud to have the Southern Hemisphere’s first female Master Model Builder, breaking barriers and inspiring children to follow their dreams.”

Claire Burrell, General Manager of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

“LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a place of creativity, somewhere I can thrive and be myself without judgement. With LEGO you can create anything you want. Sometimes it’s a piece of cake and sometimes it’s challenging – there’s always something new to learn.”

Charlie Dinneen, Master Model Builder, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne

“My favourite creation is the pirate ship ‘Queen Anne's Revenge’ from Pirates of the Caribbean. When I first built it, I was obsessed with fantasy builds and this ship is full of skeletons.”

Anthony Verbni, Master Model Builder, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne

“As a child, I always loved visiting LEGOLAND. The attractions are so magical and would ignite my imagination. I feel privileged to be able to now create magic that will excite and inspire the next generation. It amazes me that just six simple 2cm x4cm bricks can be put together in over 915 million different combinations. The possibilities are endless with LEGO.”

Jon Quinnell, Master Model Builder, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne

As the face of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Melbourne, the Master Model Builder’s primary responsibility is to build LEGO models that will wow guests and inspire them to build and design their own awesome creations, delivering fun, memorable, and inspirational interactions. Using their creative vision, the Master Model Builders will design unique and amazing play experiences as part of LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre’s Creative Workshop and LEGO Little Play Squad.

LEGOLAND takes great pride in fostering an inclusive and diverse environment, and the arrival of the first female Master Model Builder is a testament to that commitment. This achievement not only showcases the talent and skill of women in the field but also encourages aspiring young builders to pursue their dreams, regardless of gender.

With a Master Model Builder on site every day of the week, guests are encouraged to bring their trickiest questions and wildest build ideas to the workshop.