LEGOLAND® Deutschland Starts The 2023 Season With Mythical Highlight

LEGOLAND Deutschland has presented the new LEGO® MYTHICA theme world.

For their 2023 season, guests will enter a mythical parallel world with breathtaking attractions through the portal - a world where LEGO creatures created by children come to life. The 1.2-hectare area is the largest park expansion since its opening in 2002, and the world's first LEGOLAND® Wing Coaster MAXIMUS - The Guardian's Flight is particularly impressive. Here, passengers sit to the right and left of the track while their legs dangle in the open air.

With spiral curves, guests experience a spectacular roller coaster ride and briefly see the world upside down through the corkscrew element - a completely new feeling of freedom. For the little siblings, from 1 metre height and accompanied by their parents, the Fire & Ice Towers provide pleasant tummy tingles. Freefall feeling is guaranteed here in small drops and with spins around their own axis.

"The new LEGO MYTHICA themed area has taken my heart by storm. It fascinates me every time I walk through the portal and enter the new world. I'm already looking forward to seeing the excited faces of children and families when they set off on a voyage of discovery in this new parallel world."

Manuela Stone, Managing Director of LEGOLAND Deutschland

LEGO MYTHICA means immersion in a new world. Fourteen radiantly colourful models, built from over 1.5 million LEGO bricks, welcome park guests to the new world. MAXIMUS the sky lion, a 5-metre-high model weighing about 3 tonnes, stands at the station of the roller coaster of the same name and impresses with his flowing mane of colourful bricks. The giant paws protrude far from the building, providing the perfect photo spot for visitors.

The large sea serpent model towers between the tracks of the roller coaster and looks with a dangerous gaze at the visitors in the train of the Wing Coaster before they turn into the next curve. Manuela Stone is particularly pleased with the digital aspect here in the 11th area: "With augmented reality and the LEGOLAND app, the Sea Serpent, Bobs the Unicorn, MAXIMUS the Lion and Baby Lava Dragon can be brought to life. Take great memory pictures or play search games with the dragon model - interacting with the inhabitants of LEGO MYTHICA creates even more reality."

For many visitors, another LEGOLAND dream becomes reality: for the first time, the resort can also be experienced in winter. Both areas in the park and parts of the Holiday Village will be open during the festive season, inviting guests to WinterWonder LEGOLAND. Experience MINILAND in a coat of snow, thousands of lights and fir trees as well as dreamlike LEGO decorations - the Winter Wonderland will start on 24 November 2023. All information on LEGOLAND events is available at