Laying The First Of Over 2000 Plants That Will Give Life To Jumanji® - The Labyrinth At Gardaland

Preparations are in full swing for the new attraction coming 2023: Jumanji® - The Labyrinth, a thrilling adventure to be experienced in the heart of Gardaland. Visitors will challenge themselves as they explore and are completely immersed in the fantastic and untamed Labyrinth of Jumanji, where they will become protagonists of the adventure and create their own personal experience inside.

In the spirit of Sony Pictures’ box office hit film series, four cosplayers, Doctor Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon and Franklin "Mouse" Finbar, planted the first of the Labyrinth’s many plants.

The film characters, who travelled to Gardaland by the iconic jeep, brought plants from some of Italy's best nurseries. The Strelitzia Augusta planted today officially marks the entry point of the long labyrinth which challenges any adventurers brave enough to enter it.

More than 2,000 Mediterranean plants - belonging to over 30 different species - will create the wild and mind-teasing labyrinth that forms the backdrop for the heroes' adventures in the land of Jumanji. Inside the complex and intriguing trail - made up of broad-leaved trees, bushes, palms and tree ferns - courageous visitors will come up against detours, junctions, dead ends and surprising effects. Thanks to the Acanthus mollis and the Bletilla striata, with sharply contrasting colours of their white flowers with shades of pink and purplish-red, the labyrinth will be full of color and enchant visitors of all ages.

The maze's intricate layout will be made even more impressive thanks to the towering heights of the plants selected to bring to life the all-new multi-sensory adventure Jumanji® - The Labyrinth, based on the box office hit film series from Sony Pictures Entertainment.