Keepers From WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Provide Tips To Help Keep Pets And Wildlife Cool In Sydney's Crazy Heat!

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) declared El Niño is here. As Sydney swelters through another uncharacteristically hot September, Zookeepers at Darling Harbour’s WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo are sharing tips to help ensure our pets and local wildlife can beat the heat.

In the midst of the current heatwave, keepers at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo provided their animals with fun and entertaining ways to cool down and keep fresh. The kangaroos enjoyed ice blocks with their favourite vegetables and native flowers, while Stefan the Spencer’s monitor lizard hilariously gorged on ‘bloodsicles.’ And Princess the cassowary enjoyed a cool shower – a favourite for him in the hot weather!

“As temperatures soar, we must keep our animals comfortable and provide plenty of shade and fresh cool water. These simple yet effective ways of keeping our animals cool can also be replicated at home with pets or to help wildlife – for example, simply placing a shallow water dish under shade will help.”

Emily Partridge, Keeper – WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

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