Halloween's Sharpest Costumes Scuttle Into SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

Halloween has arrived at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium and even the sea urchins can't resist the urge to get into the ‘spikey’ spirit! In a twist of underwater creativity, the collector urchins have decided to join the festivities, but not in traditional costumes; they're going undercover, masking up with Halloween-themed collectables.

Guests can witness the unique behaviour of the resident sea urchins who, in a spec-Dracula display, have collected an array of Halloween decorations showcasing their playful personalities.

Tripmates gratilla, commonly known as the collector urchin, is a species of sea urchin found in the Indo-Pacific region. Loved for their spiky exteriors and fascinating behaviours, the echinoderms at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast have added a dash of mystery to their daily routines in celebration of Halloween.

Onlookers have been amazed to see the collector urchins mischievously scuttling along the rocks, proudly displaying their spook-tacular Halloween collections!

With their commitment to education and conservation, the aquarium team has embraced this Halloween extravaganza as a fun way to raise awareness about the incredible biodiversity of our oceans.

“Though small, sea urchins serve a vital function in upholding the well-being of coral reefs and marine ecosystems by regulating algae growth. Our oceans and their inhabitants warrant continuous protection. While these sea urchins may don a Halloween disguise, their contribution to sustaining marine life's equilibrium is not theatrics; it's a crucial responsibility deserving universal attention and admiration.”

Rachel Power, Aquarist, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

Guests can delve deeper into the world of these spine-tingling collector urchins this Halloween and discover a range of other marine and freshwater creatures at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, including sharks, rays, turtles, little blue penguins and more! For more information or to purchase tickets, see: www.visitsealife.com/sunshine-coast