Gardaland Resort Announces Nautilus, The New Live Show Where Visitors Are The Protagonists

Gardaland Resort continues to expand and update its offer of attractions, responding to changing demands from visitors and offering them experiences that are even more memorable and immersive.

Last January, casting took place at Gardaland Theatre for another great attraction for 2023: talented young people displayed their skills in music, singing and acting in the hope of joining the cast of the new and exciting live show at Gardaland: Nautilus.

Thanks to the creation of a narrative setting that extends beyond the stage itself, guests will enjoy the feeling of watching and, above all, taking part, in something special, even before they step into Gardaland Theatre.

Meanwhile, inside the theatre – surrounded by large portholes and an impressive skylight – they will have the sensation of being in the observatory of the legendary submarine Nautilus that belonged to the mysterious and brilliant Captain Nemo, ready to enjoy the incredible experience of underwater exploration in the depths of the ocean.

With the arrival of the new live show, Gardaland Theatre will take on a new look, thanks to the
impressive stage sets as well as the use of Ledwalls, panels and projectors that – through video
mapping – make the experience even more sensorial and immersive.

The key strength of the new show Nautilus, staged in partnership with major film studios that specialise in the field of entertainment and immersive experiences, lies in the audience participation with live shots to capture the emotion of the moment and the technological element, which increases the surprise effects such as jets of water and steam, and the emotive impact for every spectator.

The cast of 22 members (actors, singers, technicians for special effects) will engage visitors in a striking story that generates curiosity and amazement as well as tension and empathy; the educational prompts for reflection on current issues are an added value not to be underestimated.