Celebrating Love And The Birds And Bees In Sydney

Forget about what happens under the sheets! Come and learn how things are done in the bush, on the ice and below the ocean’s surface.

To mark the arrival of Sydney WorldPride, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo are celebrating diversity and relationships in the animal kingdom, through the lens of some of their amazing creatures, on an entertaining trail called Dating & Mating.

The Dating & Mating journey begins in both attractions, along a Pride rainbow VIP carpet, guests will learn fascinating stories of the many creatures in care and understand the different roles several species play in finding a mate, breeding and raising their young.

Discover how love takes many forms in the animal kingdom, from ‘same-sex-love’ demonstrated by Sphen and Magic, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s world-famous male gentoo penguin power couple, to ‘self-love’ demonstrated by inhabitants of WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, who can clone themselves.

At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium:

  • Help the same-sex penguin power couple Sphen and Magic build their pebble nest
  • Discover which fish species transition from male to female throughout their life cycle
  • Learn about the male endangered White’s seahorse giving birth while visiting the on-site nursery
  • Snap a selfie with Pig the dugong in Pig’s Tunnel of Pride, or in front of the Oceans of Pride glitter wall

At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo:

  • Learn how the new freshwater crocodile ‘throuple’ use bubbles to attract a mate
  • Find out which creatures are so independent they can clone themselves without a partner
  • Gift a bower bird a personalised blue love heart for his ‘bower’ (his nest)
  • Snap a selfie in an entwined-snakes love heart photo frame

There are plenty of fun activities to keep the kids entertained, cute photo opportunities for couples and the sweetest discoveries for the whole family.