Bring On The Water! SEA LIFE Konstanz Refills Tanks Before Reopening

After eight months of construction, the time has finally come! In a few weeks, SEA LIFE Konstanz will open its doors again. Until then, there is still a lot to do and before the animals can return, water must first be put into the tanks.

10 tons  of steel, 70 cubic meters of concrete, 600,000 liters of water and countless helping hands have worked in the large aquarium on Lake Constance in recent months. Now the home stretch has been reached and on Thursday the centerpiece, the ocean basin, was filled with 320,000 liters of water. This is a prerequisite for the animals to be able to return.

They have spent the closing time in other SEA LIFE locations or at friendly aquariums and zoos. Now they are gradually coming back until the visitors can come back in about four weeks.

"SEA LIFE lives above all through our young and old guests, which has of course been missing in recent months. We are now particularly pleased that the construction phase has gone so well and that we will finally open the doors again – with many new highlights".

Sonja Rüdinger, General Manager

The journey through the underwater world starts at Lake Constance and leads through the various waters to the depths of the Red Sea. Finally, the popular Gentoo penguins continue to form. But along the way, many innovations and highlights have moved in.

Ms. Rüdinger is still mysterious about the motto of the new exhibition, which will be revealed next week. But there was already a first preview when filling the ocean basin: it has become colorful and mythical.  Now it's clear: it's for participation.  Children in particular  can get up close and personal  with the underwater world at the new discovery pool   and colour their own sea creatures in the new "Fantasy Fish"  area and project them onto a screen - absolute fun.

Now it takes almost 20 hours until the ocean basin is filled again and the team continues to work at full speed. The water is then  heated to 2.4-26 °C and salted  with salt to about 3.5 per thousand. The amount of water in this basin is equivalent to over 3000 bathtubs.

But the changes can not only be seen  in the  visitor area and the design of the pools. Hinter the scenes in the backstage areas around the quarantine station,  the laboratory and the technical facilities there are improvements. The aquarium technology has been completely renewed, making energy more efficient. Even if the changes behind the scenes are not visible to young and old underwater fans, everyone will soon be able to see for themselves the most visible changes in SEA LIFE.

As of today, the ticket shop is open again under . Due to limited capacity, admission is only guaranteed with an online ticket after the reopening.