SEA LIFE Paris launches world first, educational, gamified app

The SEA LIFE PARIS Val d'Europe aquarium is launching the first educational, gaming and real-time recognition of marine species!

This project initiated by SEA LIFE PARIS Val d'Europe is the result of a great collaboration between the aquarium's teams and the start-up TIKO. The project began after an analysis of visitor comments revealed that one of the areas for improvement at SEA LIFE Paris was having access to more information on the different species in the attraction.

This led to this innovative project partnership to develop this technologically innovative service, which combines education and gaming.

The SEA LIFE Paris Val d'Europe aquarium is the ideal playground for launching the Sea Scan application with nine thematic zones from the Amazon to the Antarctic, via the French coastline or the deep waters of the Atlantic. And there are more than 2,250 marine and freshwater animals, nearly 350 species in 50 tanks.

The application works in an intuitive and simple way. To recognise a species, visitors simply point with their smartphone in camera mode and it will be framed with its name and a certainty of recognition. By clicking on the framed species, the visitor unlocks the species which is added to his Aquadex and he has access to a species sheet: name, scientific name, size, weight, life expectancy, depth, description, geographical location, conservation status according to the IUCN red list to find out if the species is threatened, fun facts and quizzes.

The gamified application encourages more visitors to discover the marine world by:

  • finding as many species as possible to complete your collection of species called "the Aquadex
  • complete quests
  • answering quizzes that provide information on the major challenges facing the oceans (overfishing, species decline, plastic pollution, coral bleaching, etc.).

"We are delighted to have embarked on this adventure with these three young entrepreneurs to bring to life this unique project that makes sense for our aquarium. Since its creation, SEA LIFE Paris Val d'Europe has been committed to the preservation of the oceans, in particular with the SEA LIFE Trust, an association that works worldwide to protect the oceans and marine life. And we are proud to be the first aquarium in the world to offer our visitors this application, which includes a gaming system. Thanks to Sea Scan, they will have an enriching, educational and interactive experience with their families,"

Laurent Tareau, Director of SEA LIFE Paris Val d'Europe.

The SeaScan application is available on the AppStore and PlayStore / Android and iPhone smartphones. Free to download and use, the app is also available on 7 languages : French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese & Italian.