LEGOLAND Deutschland has first ever LEGOLAND Parade!

LEGOLAND Deutschland unveiled a very unique present for its 20th anniversary – the world’s first LEGOLAND parade!

With seven amazing parade wagons including a red fire engine, a pirate ship, a majestic castle including a dragon head, a submarine, a DUPLO train as well as park dragon Olli’s luxury limousine - all accompanied by high octane dancers and acrobats!

LEGOLAND Model Builders and tailors spent a whopping 2,300 hours diligently working on the spectacular LEGO creations for the parade. More than 200 cute LEGO models and 500 unique costumes were specially designed and created.

It took four months to develop the unique LEGO wagons using six tonnes of aluminium, 12 tonnes of sustainable mineral material and 1,600 hours worth of 3D printed details.

“ The atmosphere and joy of our guests was indescribable along the 500 meter parade route on the premiere weekend and shows clearly that the effort was worth it! What makes the LEGOLAND parade so unique is the ability to rebuild everything at home. Standard LEGO bricks were used for the wagons on an upwards scale of 1:25. Only the DUPLO train is an exception with a scale of 1:16. If you put together the original LEGO bricks you can create our whole parade in miniature format!"

Martin Lubitzsch, Director Retail, Event and Entertainment at LEGOLAND Deutschland

“We received the great honour of developing the first LEGOLAND parade in the world. From the start, we had to create everything by ourselves with no restrictions besides the scale. That our concept worked out so well was an incredible team effort which I am really proud of. So many shining children’s eyes along the parade route and adults smiling along. We are happy to celebrate the coming parades with everyone on weekends, public holidays and holiday periods!”

Manuela Stone, General Manger of LEGOLAND Deutschland

You can find further information about the parade and all events in the anniversary season online at