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Chessington World of Adventures Resort gets ready to ‘wake up the wild’ ahead of the Park reopening

With the Resort getting ready to reopen for the 2022 season on Thursday March 17, all the teams across the Park have been preparing to welcome guests back.

Engineers have been carrying out maintenance and checks on all the rides across the Resort, including on drop tower, Croc Drop, ahead of the ‘big day’. These essential checks included one brave engineer having to climb the structure– which is over 80ft tall – to ensure the ride is ready for guests to embark into the crocodile’s jaws on Thursday.

Elsewhere at the Surrey Resort, the Zoo Keepers tended to the animals. The group of California sea lions were particularly interested whilst one Keeper got the windows spick and span, and the tower of giraffe enjoyed a treat.

The Creative Team were also hard at work perfecting any finishing touches to the Park, from painting intricate murals to adding the new topiary animals across each land, including a giraffe, monkey, and a super-sized penguin.