Chessington World of Adventures animals start off the New Year with their animal audit

With the new year in full swing, Chessington World of Adventures Resort has conducted its annual checks across the Zoo, which is home to over 1000 animals.

Zoo Keepers carried out essential checks on the hooves of the tower of giraffe residing at Chessington, using special training skills the team have learnt. These routine checks are vital for the health of giraffe, as these regular checks ensure each animal maintains optimum health. Their ‘pedicures’ consist of cleaning and filing down the hoof, so they can identify any concerns that they may have.

Elsewhere at the Surrey Resort, the colony of Humboldt penguins had their weights checked and recorded, which is an important step in assessing the health of their flappy friends. Cuban Rock Iguana, Havana, also had her first weigh-in of the year, and the Children’s Zoo welcomed three newborn guinea pigs who had their first ever weight recorded.

Keepers also had the task of measuring their Royal Python and got up-close to one of their North American raccoons.

“It’s a hard task to get a snake to stay still, or a 12ft giraffe to have their feet checked, but our expert Zoo Keepers can get the job done. It’s really important that as a Zoo we collect and retain information such as weights and measurements to learn more about each species and their care as part of our continued conservation work.”

Sam Whitbread Zoo Collections Manager

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