WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo celebrates their first koala joey of the year

The first koala joey of the season has arrived at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. The adorable little joey is approximately six and a half months old and weighs just 500g.


Born the size of a jellybean, this joey has spent the last six months inside mum’s pouch and has now started venturing outside to explore!

Keepers are now inviting the public to help name her. Following convention, the name should start with the letter ‘K’ – the same as the first letter of her mum’s name -‘Kyara’.

"Our little joey has started to make a regular appearance in the mornings and afternoons, much to the delight of our guests. Just like Kyara (her mum) this little bub is very lively and loves to climb! Sometimes she climbs all over Kyara’s head when all mum wants to do is sleep - Kyara is very patient with her little girl and makes sure she is always comfy!"

Ashley Wombey Keeper at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Like all the koalas at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, this little joey will be a fantastic ambassador for her threatened wild cousins and will eventually be a part of the Zoo’s breeding program.

For more information and to make your name suggestion, click here.