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The SEA LIFE Trust launch S.O.S. Squad

The SEA LIFE Trust have launched a brand-new campaign, the S.O.S. Squad, which collaborates their two Sanctuaries, the Beluga Whale Sanctuary and Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Each year, our Cornish Seal Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases around 65 seals and our Beluga Whale Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases around 40 puffins.

The new S.O.S. Squad regular giving programme will provide vital support to the Sanctuaries’ pup and puffin rescue work.

There are three levels of giving in the S.O.S Squad. By joining, supporters will receive:

An e-welcome pack with membership certificate. For White and Blue members of the Squad, that will be posted directly to the supporter.

Blue Squad member’s will also receive a limited-edition S.O.S Squad tote bag (which is made from 3 recycled plastic bottles) 

Everyone will also receive exclusive email updates throughout the year, to show how their donation is supporting our sanctuaries – including updates on animal rescues, rehabilitation progress and sneak peeks into the work of our animal care team.

The SEA LIFE Trust champions the need for seas which are properly protected, free from plastic pollution, and full of diverse life.

For more information on the S.O.S. Squad campaign please click here or for information on the SEA LIFE Trust visit: