Merlin's Magical Toolkit - Education Resources

Home schooling your children in a lockdown? Or just looking for fun activities to do?! Look no futher.

We have gathered unique resources from our Merlin teams around the world, inspired by the magic created in our attractions. You can find workshops, fun games and puzzles, craft ideas, curriculum-based projects and more to keep your curious kids entertained!

Make home learning more adventurous with awesome LEGO build challenges, by designing a thrilling new theme park and by get to know the amazing creatures from land and sea. From LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE Aquariums, Wild Life Sydney Zoo Madame Tussauds, Warwick Castle and Merlin Annual Pass - there really is something here for everyone!

Click on the links below to download the content and print at home.

If you’re looking for fun live streams and inspiring videos why not visit the Merlin Backstage Facebook page here, where for the a world of Merlin educational entertainment is being shared at 11am EVERY WEEKDAY over the next few weeks!

SEA LIFE Resources

Journey into the deep blue and discover how amazing our ocean ecosystem and the creatures within it truly are! From p-p-perfect penguins to JAWESOME sharks, sand experiments, posters and colouring sheets - dive into the resources below!

Don't miss the awesome range of videos from our SEA LIFE Aquarium's around the world, like the below from the team in SEA LIFE Sydney on 'All Things Dangerous and Deadly', available for the brave over on the Merlin Backstage YouTube channel and on

Whether you’re a teacher looking for lesson content, a parent looking for home school resources or just need some fun activities to fill 10 minutes - visit for more brilliant resources!

Theme Parks and Rides Resources 

If you have ever wanted to create your own theme park then this is the place to start! Or if you just love Merlin's famous coasters, have some fun and print out ride puzzles. Merlin Annual Pass UK have created these resources for you to help keep the magic alive!

Over on Merlin Backstage YouTube you can also learn how to build your own theme park in just 5 minutes!

Check out the Merlin Annual Pass UK blog for more inspiration and thrilling theme park content

LEGO Resources

LEGO isnt just all about play and creativity - it can be awesomely educational! From helping with maths to creative design - ok and it is always pretty FUN too!

Don't miss the awesome LEGO live build videos like *cool* penguin challenge with Master Model Builder Kieran, available on the Merlin Backstage YouTube channel here and

Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Calling all animal lovers!! We've headed down under to meet our friends at Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Australia to find out ALL about the ‘Aussie BIG 5’ and the other fascinating creatures in their care.

Don't miss the live videos from the talented team at Wild Life Sydney Zoo like the below where you can learn all about cute Koalas available over on the Merlin Backstage YouTube channel and on

Whether you’re a teacher looking for lesson content, a parent looking for home school resources or just need some fun activities to fill 10 minutes - visit for more brilliant resources!

Warwick Castle Resort Resources

The team at Warwick Castle created a great education library packed full of horribly historical content, where you can design your own castle and shield, learn how to defend a castle during an attack and swoop into amazing facts on the birds of prey that fly at the castle!

If you enjoyed these resources please visit for more and videos like the below, teaching you all about the medieval castle defences!

Madame Tussauds Resources 

The Team at Madame Tussauds know how to create famous fun!! Download the sparkling activities and participate in their comprehensive lesson worksheets below.

Time Machine Worksheets:


• Identifying significant individuals throughout history
• Understanding how individuals are shaped and challenged by the historical contexts in which they live
• Empathising with individuals from different historical periods
• Gaining a historical perspective by placing knowledge in different contexts
• Understanding the history of Madame Tussauds and its founder: Marie Tussaud
• Exploring different historical contexts through drama, role-play and writing

Areas of learning: History, Literacy, Drama, Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) (UK), Citizenship, Critical Literacy, National Health Education Standards (NHES) (US), Morality and Society curriculum (China).

Modern Media Worksheets:

Worksheet objectives:
• Identifying the different types of media and their purposes.
• Comparing old and modern media types.
• Identifying how old and modern media are different and how much the media has changed over time.
• Understanding the concept of ‘fake news’ and why it is important.
• Understanding how the media portrays people and to recognise its possible impact.
• Creating stories across different social media platforms.

Areas of learning: Literacy, Critical Literacy, Digitial Literacy, Media, Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) (UK), Citizenship, National Health Education Standards (NHES) (US), and Morality and Society curriculum (China).

If you enjoyed these resources please visit for more!

Bear Grylls Adventure! Birmingham Resources

From Key Stage Three learning packs all about the creatures in their Ocean Tank, The Bear Grylls Adventure learning resources are sure to make home learning a little more adventurous!! 

If you enjoyed these resources please visit for more resources and educational videos like the one below about Luna, their Black Tip Reef Shark.