LEGOLAND Deutschland announces five winners of their national Family Build Challenge!

After a three-month-long building contest, five families have won LEGOLAND Deutschland’s ‘Fantasy Worlds against Lockdown Frustration’ competition, designed to bring bright colours into everyday family life during the pandemic.

The winners were voted for by the public, with over 8000 votes counted on the LEGOLAND website and the five winning teams receiving a huge 3155 votes, establishing them as Germany’s most creative model building families.

The challenge for the final stage of the building competition was ‘Step into imagination – build your mythical LEGO fantasy world’. To guarantee a fair competition, the participants were only allowed to use the 3000 LEGO parts sent to them ahead of the challenge.

Each winning family received the grand prize of an exclusive short break at LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort, including an overnight stay and a one-of-a-kind prize ceremony with the Resort’s Master Model Builders.

The following five fantasy worlds received the most votes:

Team Zweistein created a LEGO universe in bright rainbow colours (above left), guarded by a mighty dragon. They describe their colourful fantasy landscape made of plants and animals coming out of the ground as the “source of life”.

Team Schwarzwald created the fairyland ELHA (above right), named after the children’s names Elias and Hanna, which also has a dragon.

Team LEGO Keller (above left) is about an adventurous Discworld, based on the series of novels by British fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, while Team LEGO Faber (above right) scored with a mixture of a magical forest, volcanic rocks and Candyland, accumulating around 30 total hours of building, rebuilding, dismantling and reconstructing their model.

Meanwhile, the two boys behind Team 112 opposed bright and dark mythical creatures in their creation ‘Monsters from Two Worlds’, pictured below.

The brilliant fantasy world models will be displayed in special show cases in the heart of the park, MINILAND, when LEGOLAND Deutschland reopens after lockdown.

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