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LEGO® loving school girl wins design competition to create life-size model of her Mythical Creature at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

A new mythical creature is set to be built into a life-size model at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort, after a nine-year old schoolgirl won a national design competition for kids during lockdown.

Zoe Bingham, from Headington in Oxford, has been crowned the winner of the Resort’s ‘Create a Creature’ competition, which will see Zoe’s amazing ‘Beauty Beast’ drawing, transformed into a six-foot-tall LEGO® model and installed inside its multi-million pounds new land LEGO® MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures this summer.

Inspired by Zoe’s passion for nature, Beauty Beast is an eco-friendly creature with mythical powers to fight climate change and restore balance to the parallel universe of LEGO MYTHICA. The design features an array of different animal parts including Giraffe legs, dazzling Peacock feathers, an elegant Swan head, plus mythical Phoenix wings.

Winning the competition is extra special for Zoe and her family, after her 42-year-old LEGO loving Uncle, Richard Bingham from East Sussex, sadly died of bowel cancer in August last year. Zoe and her uncle shared the same passion for building and playing with LEGO and they spent one of his last memorable experiences together on a day out at LEGOLAND Windsor before lockdown.

“I’m so excited to see Beauty Beast made into a life-size model at LEGOLAND Windsor. My sister Emma and I both entered the competition a day before the closing date, and I never thought in a million years that my design would have a chance at being nominated. We have more than 10,000 bricks to play with and I love building and creating imaginary worlds out of LEGO which was really helpful during lockdown because it meant that I could play and come up with lots of different characters and stories. I can’t wait to see Beauty Beast next to all of the other LEGO MYTHICA creatures.”

Zoe Bingham Competition Winner

“Like so many families, we had to work at the same time as trying to cover home schooling during lockdown. Zoe and her sister Emma were brilliant, but really missed their friends and family. The competition was a great activity one afternoon, and the girls loved getting into the idea of a blended, magical creature and the idea that all LEGO creations live in Mythica. Losing Uncle Rich during the pandemic was hard as we couldn't see him for a long time. Zoe was really close to her uncle who encouraged her model making and I’m sure he would have been so proud and told everyone he knew. He would have called her 'My clever niece’.”

Liz Bingham Mum of Competition Winner, Zoe

The ‘Create a Creature’ competition ran during lockdown in which the Resort’s Model Maker team challenged kids aged 2 – 16 years old to dig deep into their imaginations and build from LEGO, paint, or draw their very own LEGO MYTHICA creature.

“Congratulations to Zoe for creating the amazing Beauty Beast design which not only impressed us with its colour and thoughtful detail but also the purposeful story behind it. The competition gave home schooling families during lockdown a chance to be creative and provide a fun alternative for parents. As well as using STEM skills to construct their model, the competition encouraged children’s storytelling skills by asking them to create a history and purpose for their mythical creature. We can’t wait to see Beauty Beast installed in LEGO MYTHICA and celebrate the moment with Zoe and her loved ones.”

Paula Laughton, Head Model Maker at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

Created by kids for kids, LEGO® MYTHICA: World of Mythical Creatures is now open at the Resort providing guests with breath-taking rides, attractions and experiences, including the UK’s first flying theatre ride – Flight of the Sky Lion.

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