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Baby beaver sisters have been released into their wild home at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Two rescued baby beaver sisters have been released into their wild forever home, a huge section of the Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s woodland which has been specially prepared as a haven for them.

The Sanctuary welcomed the sisters to their beaver nursery in March after years of work creating the special area for the girls to eventually live in.

The beaver girls, named Barbara and Twiggy by the public, spent their first month at the Sanctuary in their nursery home. They settled in so well, exploring, building a shelter and beginning to fell trees, that the team were confident they were ready to be released.

The girls have now been successfully released into their wild home and have already settled in well. The team continue monitoring them daily with cameras set up around the woodland.

Beavers are known as a ‘keystone species’. This is because their natural behaviour has a big impact on our landscape and wildlife. By damming waterways, beavers pool water, slowing the flow in rivers and streams. This water floods an area, creating new wetland and attracting wildlife, providing a home and water source for many species. 

The Sanctuary team are planning various research projects to understand more about beaver behaviour in the wild and how they impact the environment they inhabit. It is known that their presence is beneficial and may even help to combat climate change.

The projects will mainly focus on monitoring water pollution and impact of damming, biodiversity counts, landscape changes and public perception on beaver rewilding which will generate educational content to share with guests visiting the Sanctuary. 

"It has been amazing to see Barbara and Twiggy released into their wild forever home. We cannot wait to see the changes they make to the creek and surrounding woodland. I really hope people will love spending time in our Secret Creek area watching out for signs of activity and learning all about these incredible animals."

Jana Sirova General Manager, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

With the success of Barbara and Twiggy, and with the Sanctuary having the perfect facilities to introduce more beavers into their woodland, the Sanctuary has now welcomed a baby boy beaver to their nursery, who when ready, will be released into the woodlands to join Barbara and Twiggy.

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