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World Turtle Day hatchling health check!

Go behind the scenes at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast ahead of World Turtle Day on Saturday 23 May!

SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is introducing the newest resident in its Turtle Rehabilitation Centre ahead of World Turtle Day tomorrow. To help raise awareness of the plight of turtles in the wild, Veterinary Technician Brittany Attwood takes you behind the scenes for a health check with a rescued flatback sea turtle hatchling named Dodge.

The tiny turtle was found washed up near the entrance of Stumers Creek at Coolum in March. Dodge was spotted by a member of the public and was malnourished and missing one of its eyes. Despite this optical injury, Dodge has been making a steady recovery in SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast’s Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and the team hopes to be able to release the hatchling back into the ocean in the not too distant future.

Taking place annually on 23 May, World Turtle Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers facing sea turtles in the wild and the need for protection and conservation.

Turtles have been a part of the marine ecosystem for millions of years, however, wild populations are dwindling and single-use plastic is a major threat. Sea turtles often mistake plastic for food, which results in starvation, poisoning and fatal stomach blockages.

There are a few things people can do to help protect sea turtles including reducing, reusing and recycling. It’s also important not to litter and to help pick up rubbish on our beaches. The team at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast ask Queenslanders who come across injured or stranded sea turtles to alert the Department of Environment and Science by calling 1300 ANIMAL.

If you are interested in learning more about sea turtles you can check out this video on SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast’s Facebook page, where you can meet all of the sea turtles currently undergoing treatment in the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre.

Even though the aquarium is temporarily closed to the public, the dedicated team of aquarists and keepers are continuing to care for all of the marine creatures onsite and are helping to prepare the aquarium for reopening. The SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast team is posting regular content featuring all of the wonderful sea creatures on Facebook and online at

You can also find free educational activities on  Merlin’s Education Toolbox, which is an online portal containing engaging content for teachers and parents from Merlin Entertainments’ attractions including SEA LIFE Aquariums, Madame Tussauds Sydney and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.