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Celebrating the UK's First Penguin Gender Reveal Party

2020’s first penguin gender reveal ceremony in the UK has taken place at Sea Life Hunstanton, live on ITV’s This Morning!

The fun gender reveal part announced that their new baby humboldt penguin Squirt was a…wait for it… GIRL! Watch the heart-warming clip from ITV's This Morning below:

Earlier this year SEA LIFE Hunstanton were delighted to welcome a new baby penguin. The chick was named Squirt after his/her projectile ‘toilet habits’ and weighed 90g at birth. He/she is now a healthy 3.2kg.

Sexing penguin chicks is determined by the analysis of DNA from a feather sample which was recently sent away. This can only be done when the chick has moulted their natal down feathers and their adult waterproof feathers have emerged.

Learn more about Squirt from the penguin care team at SEA LIFE Hunstanton in the video below:

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, people across the globe have increasingly taken up gender reveal ceremonies to fill the void left by more traditional customs that have had to be cancelled, such as baby showers or Christenings.

For proud penguin parents this is no different as the team gave Squirt the baby penguin a very special ceremony to remember!