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Tretorn announces SEA LIFE Trust collection

Swedish outdoor heritage brand Tretorn are proud to announce the launch of the Tretorn X SEA LIFE Trust collection as part of the SS20 Eco Essentials offering.

Based on a shared mission to protect the world’s oceans, the collaboration is born from a mutual passion to conserve the planet’s endangered sea life through education and action.

Founded in 1891, innovation and functionality have always been at the heart of Tretorn’s philosophy, resulting in high quality, contemporary products designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Swedish outdoors. The heritage brand’s Eco-essentials range was launched in 2016, taking the classic jackets and footware and reinventing them as the brand began their venture into becoming fully sustainable.

Tretorn’s collection with The SEA LIFE Trust is a continuation of the brand’s mission, making a positive impact on how we interact with nature and supporting other companies that share these values. Consisting of a range of rainproof parkas, retro style sneakers and functional backpacks, the capsule collection is created from regenerated nylon fishing nets which would otherwise be polluting the seas.

“With the partnership we want to inspire people to be part of creating a better world and enjoy time spent outdoors. For every product sold in this partnership we will donate 10 % of the retail price to SEA LIFE Trust for support to their ghost net removal projects. We need to change how we interact with nature or nature will no longer interact with us”

Fredrik Ekström, Creative Director at Tretorn Europe

“We’re delighted that Tretorn is generously supporting the SEA LIFE Trust in our mission to protect the world’s oceans with the launch of the SEA LIFE Trust collection. It’s great to see practical solutions like this that are helping to protect marine wildlife from the threat of marine litter, and we applaud Tretorn’s commitment to making a positive difference.”

Andy Bool, Head of SEA LIFE Trust

An estimated 650,000 tonnes of ghost nets enter the ocean every year, equivalent in weight to more than 50 thousand double decker buses, which is more than one tonne every minute. Made from some of the best nylon materials in the world, fishing fleets discard nets every few years which are then left to become sea debris. The high-quality nylon decays slowly, drifting with the wind and currents for years as “ghost nets”.

Ghost nets are considered amongst the greatest killers in our oceans, destroying reefs and wiping out entire eco-systems. Approximately one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals and turtles die each year because of this.

The Tretorn X SEA LIFE Trust collection is made from 100% regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets and other consumer ocean waste, turning what would otherwise be killing endangered animals and destroying the oceans into high quality, functional garments.

View the Tretorn collection here and visit the SEA LIFE Trust website for other ways you can support this amazing project.