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Shark Awareness Day: Meet the magnificent sharks in the middle of Melbourne

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is temporarily closed to the public, however a team of aquarists are continuing to care for the fin-tastic sea creatures, including 10 different species of sharks!

This Shark Awareness Day, aquarist and essential worker Pat Noble is sharing his love of these jaw-some animals, feeding two of his favourite species and explaining why we should celebrate these fascinating fish.

Taking place annually on 14 July, Shark Awareness Day is a global celebration of sharks and the important role they play in our ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to learn more about these interesting sea creatures, who are often misunderstood and are under threat from overfishing, the demand for shark products and habitat destruction.

The 10 shark species at the SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium include a grey nurse shark, Port Jackson sharks, leopard sharks, a sandbar whaler, black reef shark, glyphis sharks and more! They are all ambassadors for their species, helping raise awareness of the plight of their wild relatives.

Are you keen to go on a journey of marine discovery from the comfort of your own home? SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is keeping people of all ages entertained during the lockdown period with a range of FREE content including:

Rest assured, whilst the aquarium is temporarily closed, the dedicated team of aquarists and keepers who are continuing to feed and care for the aquatic animals are taking precautionary social distancing and hygiene measures.