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Two rescued Alaskan sea otters arriving soon at SEA LIFE Birmingham

In a UK first, two rescued Alaskan sea otters will become residents at the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham’s new multi-million pound marine rescue facility as part of a pioneering education and conservation project.

The tiny pups were found stranded alone on the Alaskan beaches at just a few days old and they were rescued and taken to Alaska Sealife for rehabilitation and raising, including hand bottle feeding. Sadly, as the programme of learning for these otter pups is based on human care they can't be released back into the wild and a new home needed to be found.

Once on the verge of extinction after being hunted for their thick, rich pelt in the 1800s, sea otters remain a seriously endangered species* (IUCN Red Listed) and now have a vital role to play in a ground-breaking marine education programme here, on the other side of the globe.

These endearing creatures are an important poster boy species for conservation and the escalating climate crisis. However, with our world under threat like never before, there are now more orphaned sea otters than the world’s aquariums have room for and their future looks bleak.

But National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham has made space!