Olympus UK shows support to SEA LIFE Positive Change programme

A group of five SEA LIFE expert aquarists travelled to Bali, Indonesia, to work with The Indonesian Nature Foundation at the LINI Aquaculture and Training Centre as part of the SEA LIFE Positive Change program.

The SEA LIFE Positive Change program is funded by the SEA LIFE Conservation, Welfare and Engagement team and SEA LIFE business, sending members of staff to different places around the world to work with marine focused communities.

The program focuses on creating a lasting positive impact on these communities, helping to establish new local Marine Protected Areas or helping to support, create or develop environmental change which has a direct positive effect on marine wildlife.

"Our aim is to inspire a passion for the oceans and educate our guests to SEA LIFE about the threats to marine life including coral, which is under threat from pollution, rising sea temperatures and overfishing"

Simon Claridge Aquarist, SEA LIFE Melbourne

The team consisted of five expert aquarists from SEA LIFE aquariums all over the world including London, Dallas and Melbourne who assisted with training the local community in aquaculture techniques whilst also helping to construct an artificial reef to add to LINI’s local reef restoration areas.

Whilst there, the team also visited a new coral farming project where they learnt more about the work they are doing to restore the reef. The trip was supported by SEA LIFE partner Olympus UK who provided a Tough TG-6 camera for their trip to Indonesia to capture the team’s great work! Check out Olympus UK's blog post here

LINI is a non-profit organisation based in Bali, Indonesia. LINI is the Indonesian term for a “line” or connection and their mission is to establish firm and lasting connections to support the conservation and management of coastal marine resources through science, education and the empowerment of coastal communities.