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The London Aquarium surprises seven-year old girl, who dreams of becoming a ‘seahorse protector’, with special Q&A video by expert Aquarist

While millions of Brits are staying at home, a team of Aquarists at SEA LIFE London Aquarium are helping to keep their 500 species happy and healthy behind closed doors.

Caring for thousands of amazing creatures at the iconic London Aquarium is a 24 / 7 operation with each creature in need of the same level of care and attention. The Aquarist team have taken to social media as they live stream different areas of the attraction each week, answering questions live from viewers. 

During a week focusing on the majestic seahorse, Jessica Bryan contacted the London Aquarium team to explain that her seven-year daughter, Eloise, adores seahorses and wants nothing more than to become a ‘seahorse protector’ when she is older. Earlier in the year the family had been planning on visiting the South Bank attraction, with the seven-year old looking to interview other ‘seahorse protectors’ to find out more about their jobs.

The London Aquarium team arranged for Senior Curator, James Robson, to create a special video just for Eloise, answering all her questions about his role and showing her the seahorses in their care.

“Eloise is so excited to show the video to her school friends when she returns to school. She has been poorly this week and it was just what she needed to make her smile, the seahorse clips at the end were mesmerising. She has watched it a few times and we have a plan to research seahorses further. She loved hearing about your role and is desperate to visit when we are able to!”

Jessica Bryan, Eloise’s mother

“It’s fantastic to see the team come together and continue engaging people across social media during these unprecedented times. We love inspiring people of all ages to learn more about the incredible creatures in our care, and receiving messages like those from Eloise, makes it all worthwhile. There will be live streams every week on our official social channels from different parts of the attraction, and we will continue the hard work that goes into looking after our creatures until the time we’re able to re-open the doors to the aquarium.”

James Robson, Senior Curator at SEA LIFE London Aquarium

The London Aquarium is keeping their 500 species happy and healthy, from sharks to seahorses and even green sea turtles, the Aquarist team will be live streaming from different areas of the aquarium on the official social media channels each week.