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The London Eye looks back on important moments from 2020 with pre-recorded New Year’s Eve light show

As we reach the end of 2020, you won't be seeing any epic firework and light displays at the London Eye this New Year’s Eve.

Instead their team have created a virtual way to look back on the year with a unique light show video, pre-recorded earlier in December, shared on their social media channels on Dec 31.

This show draws upon those times in the past 12 months where we celebrated our nation’s heroes, reaffirmed the need to come together over inequality in our society and continued raising awareness about the importance of protecting our environment.

As an iconic part of the city skyline, and the usual New Year’s Eve celebrations, the London Eye has lit up for a number of different moments this year. This pre-recorded light show video looks back on these and aims to give people the chance to reflect on 2020 by referencing Clap For Our Carers, the Black Lives Matter movement, Fare Share & Marcus Rashford, Sir Captain Tom Moore’s 100 laps and more.

“With the London Eye’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks show not going ahead this year we wanted to create a unique and virtual way to celebrate the start of 2021, whilst recognising those moments in 2020 that made an impact on our lives. In what has been a hugely challenging year, even during our darkest days, we’ve still seen a strong sense of community and togetherness focused on celebrating our nation’s heroes, reaffirming the need to come together over inequality in our society and the continued importance of protecting our environment.”

Sunny Jouhal, General Manager at the London Eye

Each moment is represented by different colours and changing light patterns throughout a three-minute show.

About the show

  • The iconic attraction’s light show starts, and ends, with the wheel’s lights turning off honour of the Black Lives Matter movement, recognising the powerful cultural impact it had this year.
  • Next, the lights will turn rainbow coloured to celebrate our nation’s key workers and all they’ve done during the ongoing pandemic, followed by pulsing blue lights to represent the weekly Clap for Our Carers that started at the end of March.
  • Following this, the Eye will light up in Pride colours, as an ode to Global Pride 2020, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and Pride organisations from across the globe virtually coming together back in June.
  • The Eye then turns the red and green of the Fare Share logo to highlight the vital work done in partnership with Marcus Rashford, as they raised awareness of child hunger in the UK and ensured millions of vulnerable children could continue to access food.
  • As the end of the show nears, white lights will turn on in succession around the wheel to honour Captain Sir Tom Moore’s epic fundraising efforts for NHS charities back in April, when he completed one hundred laps of his garden.
  • The continued importance of coming together to tackle climate change and protecting our environment, highlighted this year in David Attenborough’s defining ‘A Life On Our Planet’, is then reflected in a green and blue design that looks like the Earth.