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LEGOLAND New York update!

The team at LEOGOLAND New York are working hard to build hopes and dreams of bricktastic fun for 2021!

LEGOLAND New York will be the largest of the eight global LEGOLAND Parks, with 50 rides and attractions across a 500 acre site. The 250-room hotel and key buildings have now been built and the rides are being installed including the brand-new LEGO Factory Adventure Ride!

On this exclusive ride visitor's find out what it’s like to be a LEGO minifigure on A BIG LEGO Adventure and will be magically shrunk to miniature size and be right in the action of LEGO bricks being created!

We can't wait for little builders to cruise around at Junior Driving School, to see trainees mastering Spinjtizu at Jay's Gravity Force Trainer and to welcome our first guests at the LEGO Castle. Check out the latest construction images below.

We are excited to share that Miniland Goshen is also starting to take shape with iconic buildings from The Bull Stone House to St. Patrick's Cathedral - all carefully crafted by our LEGO Model Builders.

One of the key attractions at New York’s Miniland will be the 19-foot-tall Empire State Building, with exactly 102 floors and 6,500 LEGO brick windows  - the whole building is made from a whopping 97,680 bricks! There will also be a a 23-Foot-Long Brooklyn Bridge and a stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral all made of LEGO bricks of course!

The Miniland at LEGOLAND New York is dedicated to the sights and sounds found all around New York State and the first Minilanders recently got to enjoy some sunshine!