Alton Towers announces exciting 40th birthday celebration events

Alton Towers Resort has announced an exciting season of celebration to mark 40 years of thrills. The calendar includes the Park opening and launch of Gangsta Granny on the 21st March: The Ride with a whole area of the theme park will be transformed, inspired by ‘The World of David Walliams’ and will feature a host of other rides and attractions.

Autumn brings a brand new event Oktoberfest  at Alton Towers Resort, offering families and thrill-seekers themed entertainment, delicious refreshments and selected late-night rides on selected weekends in September and October. For the full list of 2020 events click here.

Thrill-seekers first experienced the head-spinning, heart-pumping buzz of the Corkscrew at Alton Towers on 4th April 1980. Since the Corkscrew opened in 1980, one in two Brits have visited Alton Towers Resort at some point in their lives.

“The Corkscrew kick-started a revolution in the industry. No longer was Alton Towers a "funfair in the woods". Large, permanent installations started to be developed, requiring major capital investment. And these could have a veneer of theatricality applied to them…theming! Hence Alton Towers became a Theme Park. And the rest is history, all thanks to the Corkscrew.”

John Wardley, legendary rollercoaster creator

As the UK’s biggest theme park, it has welcomed over 200 million guests through its gates in the last 40 years who have enjoyed 1.2 million drops of Oblivion, ridden over 300 million coaster loops, shared over a billion hours of family fun and an infinite number of smiles.

The Towers’ famous gardens have been attracting visitors for nearly 200 years, but on 4th April 1980 the park’s first ever thrill-seekers experienced the buzz of double-inverting coaster, the Corkscrew, marking Alton Towers’ transformation into the theme park as we know it today.

Looking back at the last four decades of giggles and shrieks, Alton Towers has released an exclusive animation showcasing the evolution of the theme park; from heart-pounding, ground-breaking coasters to themed lands and accommodation.

For those who’d rather model their own theme park map including classic rides, current attractions or even a look to the future a new interactive ‘Model Your Map’ game on the Alton Towers website allows fans to plan, view and share their Alton Towers Map.

More information about the resort’s 40th Season of Celebration can be found at, along with shared memories from the past 40 years of visits to Alton Towers.