New screams at Edinburgh Dungeon this Halloween

The Dungeons are considered the ‘Home of Halloween’ and this year at the Edinburgh Dungeon the team wanted to make sure their adults only Halloween Lates experience was bigger, better and even more terrifying than ever before!

Following an online poll of their fans revealing they wanted the experience to be ‘super scary’ their performance team immediately started to develop a terrifying new product: Adults Only Dungeon Lates, to complement their regular daytime Halloween tours and appeal to an older, thrill-seeking audience.

The bolder, darker and scarier Dungeon Lates include new and old favourite characters, with a new script which ups the ante on scares, gags and adult humour as well as a more fast-paced and “blood-spattered” approach. Visitors attending the Dungeon Lates will enjoy shows and gags they would never see during the day time tour.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to learn more about the creation of this thrilling new product and watch the petrifying Dungeon Lates trailer here