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New £2.7 Million attraction Day and Night launches at SEA LIFE Brighton

SEA LIFE Brighton, the oldest operating aquarium in the world, is proud to announce the launch of a state of the art new attraction Day & Night, which will open its doors to the public in May after a £2.7 million renovation.

The first of its kind in the UK, Day & Night offers visitors the chance to experience the 24-hour wonder of a coral reef as it transitions through the day.

Day & Night will showcase the UK’s largest collection of sharks and rays in the UK along with a plethora of fascinating marine life in both a day and a nocturnal environment. Home to over 840 stunning sea creatures, the impressive 700,000 litre display will house: Black Tip Reef Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Honeycomb Stingrays and Fantail Sting Rays amongst many other spectacular reef dwellers.

Check out the "making of" time lapse below showing the Ocean tunnel.

An Ocean Tunnel will take you on an immersive journey - from the brightly lit, bustling daytime reef to the mystery of the reef by night, creating a sensation that you are diving through the swaying corals as the turtles, rays and jewel coloured reef fish glide past just inches from your fingertips.