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Robots to deliver Coca-Cola products to customers at Alton Towers Resort in pilot

State-of-the-art technology is being piloted at Alton Towers Resort to help autonomously deliver some of the nation’s favourite beverages to customers.

During the trial, a robot will collect products from the Alton Towers distribution centre and deliver them to drinks outlets across the park, using artificial intelligence to manoeuvre around the thousands of visitors during the peak summer season.

The park was picked due to its unique in a unique, high-traffic location and is one of three pilots taking place in industrial, retail and pedestrian environments – to capture data and improve the quality of the software.

The robot travels at 3mph and distances of up to 50km and is equipped with GPS technology, sight, sound and motion sensors to safely navigate around people and objects. It also uses laser sensors to judge the distance to potential obstacles, enabling it to stop safely and avoid collisions. If successful, the trial could change the way CCEP delivers products to its customers and transform the experience of Alton Towers’ consumers.

"This is a fantastic location to test our robot and showcase how it can make safe decisions when delivering in a very busy place. The robot is set to drive at pedestrian walking speed in the park during the pilot project. It's exciting to see how park visitors positively react to the Robot and interact with it. Our self-driving technology inside the robot is called ‘Aito’. It drives the robot autonomously and is constantly being advanced for use at higher speed in vehicles of different sizes. It uses satellite images for navigation and is developed with the support of the European Space Agency. Seeing our robot at work in this magical setting full of innovative machines and experiences is really exciting and certainly sparks the imagination for future uses of the technology.”

Xenia Scholl, Co-Founder of TeleRetail

"Our business has been built on innovation so we’re thrilled to be hosting this trial. From developing ground-breaking roller coasters to exploring the best way to serve customers across our 500-acre site, we are always on the lookout for new ideas. If the trial is successful, there are many potential applications for this technology at Alton Towers. Who knows, in the future guests may be able to order drinks from the queue line to be delivered by robots when they finish a ride, or we could see automated room service deliveries across our 700 hotel rooms. The possibilities are huge.”

Neil Crittenden, Commercial Director at Alton Towers Resort

The pilot by the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottler Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) uses technology developed by TeleRetail is part of its Ventures innovation investment fund.