Visitor Centre and Puffin Rescue open at the SEA LIFE Trust Beluga Sanctuary

This weekend saw the doors officially opened to the Visitor Centre and Puffin Rescue facilities which are attached to the SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary.

The centre was initially opened to island residents of Vestmannaeyjar on the island of Heimaey (off the south of Iceland) this weekend to give them a first look at the new centre which includes an aquarium featuring the local flora and fauna that can be found in the local seas.

Creatures in the brand new aquarium are the new ‘neighbours’ that will be found by Little Grey and Little White in their new open-water home when they move to the sea-water bay in the coming months. Local creatures include Lumpsuckers, sea urchins, Atlantic wolffish and various flatfishes.

“It was really important to the SEA LIFE Trust and all of the Merlin/SEA LIFE teams working on this project that we opened to the community first. The residents of Vestmannaeyjar have been so welcoming and supportive of this project. The new centre is very much about celebrating the local wildlife and the strong links it has with the Island which includes all the rescue work they do with the Puffling chicks in the hatching season. We are delighted that we had so many people visiting this weekend and such positive feedback!”

Andy Bool, Head of the SEA LIFE Trust

Over 690 people visited over the weekend and even the local media came to visit – you can read their article and see more images here: