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Plastic Sucks! SEA LIFE London book launch

SEA LIFE London Aquarium and the SEA LIFE Trust helped launch Dougie Poynter’s new book, ‘Plastic Sucks’ this week.

The book is an easy-to- read guide about plastic pollution in our oceans, and how we can all make a positive difference to help protect our seas and marine life!

Senior Curator from SEA LIFE London Aquarium, James Robson, and Head of the SEA LIFE Trust, Andy Bool, helped contribute to the issues discussed in Dougie’s book.

"I feel so honoured to have this beautiful turtle named after me. Visiting the amazing sea creatures at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium to research my book has been awesome and Dougie the Turtle has become my new favourite ocean buddy. I hope Plastic Sucks! helps encourage the next generation to think about doing simple things to protect turtles like him from plastic pollution being put into our seas every day"

Dougie Pointer, Author

During the book launch celebrations, Dougie unveiled a special donation plaque about how plastic pollution affects sea turtles to help inspire the next generation to protect turtles from plastic pollution. Families visiting SEA LIFE London will be encouraged to support worldwide conservation efforts to protect turtles from plastic pollution by ‘tapping for turtles’ on the plaque.

When tapped, a donation to the SEA LIFE Trust is made to support the charity’s work to reduce plastic pollution, marine litter and their rescue and rehabilitation programmes around the world.

The blue plaque was unveiled in honour of ‘Dougie the Green Sea Turtle’ at SEA LIFE London that was re-named after pop star turned children’s author after they struck up an unlikely friendship, in a bid to encourage efforts to protect similar species living in the wild. Dougie became ocean buddies with Dougie the Green Sea Turtle and star of the aquarium after hitting it off while researching the impact of plastic on sea life for his new book.