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LEGOLAND Creative discusses the world's most awesome job and creating The Haunted House Monster Party

Imagine being the lead Creative developing a mega new ride for LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort - is there a more awesome job?! 

We spoke to Rosie from Merlin Magic Making to find out more about the creation of their new The Haunted House Monster Party ride, opening this Spring.

This new ride sounds amazing! Can you tell us more about your involvement? 
A Haunted House is a classic theme park attraction. It's something we have wanted to deliver for LEGOLAND Windsor Resort for a while; creatively reimagining the theme with a unique LEGOLAND twist full of LEGO characters, fun and humour.

As the lead Creative for the project, I have worked for the past two years with the wider LEGOLAND design team at Merlin and closely with our partners at The LEGO® Group to develop the story concept, theming and overall guest experience of the attraction. After concept development, we then worked alongside our colleagues across the industry; such as architects, graphic designers and ride engineers, to bring the Haunted House Monster Party to life!

How was the Haunted House Monster Party theme decided?
A pure Haunted House theme, on its own, is perhaps a little too spooky for some of our younger guests and the Monster Party story brings to life all the humour and colour of the LEGO products our guests LOVE. Getting to party with Lord Vampyre and all his monster buddies is fun and exciting - who doesn’t want to do that?! I can’t wait!

To get to the Monster Party version of a Haunted House we had some brainstorming sessions to see what cool and crazy ideas we could come up with. I then developed these into concept boards that we shared with the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

How do you start the creative process?
Initially we get a brief from the LEGOLAND Park which tells us lots of important information about the new ride, attraction or experience they would like us to develop. The team then hold workshops so we capture all creative ideas We then refine these and test how they could work on site for our market. Once we have worked up a few concepts that we believe are really strong, I produce mood boards and concept outlines to present to the LEGOLAND Park.

As part of the creative process we work closely with our colleagues at The LEGO Group. This is so we can get the best ideas for the new attractions to fit well with the LEGO brand and their core values. The values and play principles of LEGO are a key part of our designs and the experiences we deliver at our LEGOLAND Parks across the globe – it's vital we work as one big super team to realise them for our guests. After all, the LEGO brick is at the heart of our attractions!

What’s your favourite thing about The Haunted House Monster Party?
Tough question - I love all of it! I think some of our talking brick built LEGO models will be great additions for the guests, really adding the LEGO humour to the attraction. The front façade design is epic, making it look like a giant version of a LEGO set. And of course, the ride itself . I can’t wait to see all the guests’ faces and reactions when the party starts!

What’s the most unique thing about The Haunted House Monster Party?
The story, the uniquely LEGO theme, and the ride effects are exclusive to this LEGOLAND ride experience. By combining LEGO with Madhouse technology, we have created a Monster Party that you can only experience at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort– that's what makes it so unique!

How do you take inspiration from existing LEGO sets and incorporate that into your designs?
There are a couple of ways we do this. Sometimes the LEGO products are our starting point - are there any new (not yet released) or existing products that we think have super stories or cool content that we could wrap an attraction around? This is a great way to link in directly with the LEGO Group.

An alternative is that we may already have a theme or an idea, and we then turn to the LEGO sets to see if there are any characters we could add, or buildings and features we could take inspiration from, and then work them into a proposal for a brand new attraction.

We work very closely with the team at The LEGO Group to ensure that we are getting the right colours, characters, shapes and sizes on 3D theming, graphics and AV content. A good example in the Haunted House attraction is where we have referenced the house from the LEGO Monster Fighters product line for the front façade of the building. We then had to adapt the scale of some elements, such as doors, so they’re human sized (and not minifigure sized), to make them accessible for our guests.