Striving for greener entertainment at Gardaland Resort in 2019

Gardaland Restort’s new season has begun, and this year the park is has increased their focus on making entertainment greener and greener!

In a new initiative, Gardaland will use only compostable, biodegradable materials inside their dining areas. The resort has already begun to use dishes, cutlery and other containers made from biodegradable-compostable material that can be disposed of as organic waste, fully phasing alternative materials out by the end of the year.

These important steps towards green entertainment means that Gardaland is well ahead of the new European Directive banning certain plastic products from 2021 onwards.

Gardaland's commitment to reducing their environmental impact means lights are already switched off across the park at night and guests are encouraged to participate by turning off lighting and air conditioning when leaving their rooms.

The greener planet messaging is supported at Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium, which focuses on ‘edutainment’ designed to help visitors’ fall in love with the oceans and the creatures inhabiting them. In the aquarium’s ‘interactive labs’ families can understand the damage that pollution causes to the marine world and learn how everyone can contribute even in small ways to protecting the environemnt thanks to the recycling of materials.

“Like the majority of our visitors, we are worried about the high level of pollution on the planet and the resulting consequences, such as climatic change and wanted to take immediate action on the plastics in our park. Our SEA LIFE Aquarium is also very conscious of these issues and it is constantly striving to educate visitors to help protect our waters and the creatures inhabiting them”

Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO at Gardaland Resort

Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium also organises regular cleaning events of the Garda Lake beaches, during which children and adults are involved in ecologic walks to collecting waste of all kinds, raising awareness about safeguarding the planet.