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First riders experience Colossos at Heide Park, Europe's fastest wooden coaster

The Battle of Giants has now commenced at Heide Park Resort. After three years of extensive renovation and redesign, Europe's fastest and highest wooden roller coaster reopened ready for thrill seekers on the 19th of April 2019.

Courageous riders can now compete with Colossos against a gigantic creature on this formidable ride and experience the battle between wood and fire itself.

Travelling a distance of almost 1.5 kilometres, reaching speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour during a journey time of two minutes, Colossos promises a unique driving experience for adrenaline fans over 12 years of age. Check out the excited first riders in the video below!

Heide Park revealed the opponent of Colossos in 2018 – another giant in the form of a dark, powerful creature. The structure of the giant is 25 meters high, appearing straight from the broken ground below the coaster, with shining eyes and blazing flame effects.

The giant ‘bones’ made of steel and a 1900 m² artificial rock surface were designed by hand, by the Portuguese company Universal Rocks and surround the newly replaced tracks of Colossos.

Lurking in wait for the giant on the last few meters of the approx. 1.5-kilometer track, this nemesis challenges all roller coaster fans to a grand finale. Already visible on the terrace in front of the attraction, he will beckon park visitors with his imposing appearance.

With Colossos -The Battle of Giants, an icon returns to North Germany's largest theme park.