South Korea Gets First Magic Space For children at Kosin University Gospel Hospital

Merlin’s Magic Wand and Busan SEA LIFE Centre have teamed up to create an immersive, fun and interactive Merlin's Magic Space for children undergoing treatment in Kosin University Gospel Hospital, the first ever project to be delivered in the South Korean region.

The Kosin Hospital was founded back in 1951; meaning the hospital’s facilities were outdated and not catering to the needs of the children that were now staying in the hospital. The children’s lounge was not very a very popular area as it was dark and tired and as children are known to recover more quickly when they can use play as a tool for rehabilitation, it was important to have a fun, creative area where they can unwind, relax and just be kids.

Now thanks to the amazing efforts of the Merlin's Magic Wand and SEA LIFE Busan team, the children’s lounge has been transformed and features telescopes and ocean-related fairy tale books. It has magnets shaped like a marine creatures to stick on to a themed magnetic wall that children can interact with while they play. There are also sensory elements made from eco-friendly birch tree materials for the children to explore.

Importantly, the area now has a wheelchair path to enable children with mobility difficulties to experience the lounge, play and access the magic of SEA LIFE Busan.

At the opening of the new play area at Kosin University Gospel Hospital, each child was given a new little furry friend, a lovely otter toy from the aquarium. Watching their smiles as they got to play in the new room and recieved their gift was just magical!