The Dungeons partner with M.A.C Cosmetics to get a look so bad, it’s contagious

Did you know there are ten Dungeon attractions globally?

From London to Shanghai, The Dungeons are considered THE Home of Halloween, filling up with petrified traitors daring to see if they will survive a Victorian séance or a terrifying game of ‘hide and shriek’ as the law catches up with them.

To be the Home of Halloween, Dungeon actors ensure they have the most authentic costumes and believable makeup out there. To achieve this, The Dungeons partner with M.A.C Cosmetics to get that coveted, clammy plague look (puss filled buboes, anyone?!) with every actor taking part in exclusive training sessions with experts using M.A.C products.

M.A.C also provide face charts of infamous Dungeon characters for the actors to follow, so everyone from the Vikings in The York Dungeon to the Pendle Witches at The Blackpool Tower Dungeon look so convincing, unsuspecting peasants daren’t get too close…

Needing some inspiration for this year’s Halloween costume? Check out the face chart below to transform yourself into a clammy, buboe covered plague doctor that no one wants to stand next to at the Halloween party.